My 3 Main Issues


We are losing the teachers in our school district at an extraordinarily high rate.  In order to retain our teachers, we need to support them by providing them with a living wage, competitive benefits and giving them the necessary planning time to do their jobs.  Because if they fail, our children fail.

What Will I Do About It?

As a school board member I will propose and vote to adopt additional planning time for teachers based on their input and suggestions.  I will work with the administration to ensure that our teacher contracts provide for a salary and benefits that are conducive to living in Indian River County.  

Additionally, I would work with teachers to provide professional development opportunities that will give them the tools they desire to be successful.    

I would also instruct and assist our administrative staff to create aggressive recruitment strategies in conjunction with community organizations to bring in a strong teacher pool.

Most importantly, I would fight for our teachers to again have a seat at the table at School Board meetings so their voices are heard.  

Exceptional Student Education

Our ESE students are often underserved and excluded from the services and programs the general education students receive.  The mission of the School District of Indian River County is "To Serve All Students with Excellence".  It's time the school district lives up to that mission when it comes to our ESE students and families.  After all, our community is defined by how we treat our most vulnerable.  

What Will I Do About It?

As a school board member I would take a look at our current programs, curriculum, services and facilities for ESE students.  I would propose changes to unnecessary district requirements that don't benefit the students and are overwhelming our ESE teachers, staff and budget.  I would propose and advocate for inclusive practices at all our schools. Most importantly, I would ensure that our ESE students have a voice at the highest level in our district and that their voices are heard.   

Open Doors

School board members are in an elected position and serve the residents of Indian River County.  As such, their doors should always be open to students, parents, families and the community.  Without those interactions, the board members cannot adequately do their job.  They must know the issues affecting those they have been elected to serve.

What Will I Do About It?

I will be a full time board member.  I would propose changing the one meeting a month policy to meeting twice a month.  You can't effectively run a school district of this size by meeting once a month.  I will be a very active school board member working diligently with all members of our community to build a strong, effective, successful school district.  Most importantly, my door will always be open to your concerns, input and suggestions.