I know Stacey as a classroom teacher dedicated to her students' success, to giving them a voice in their learning and their lives, to building relationships by relentlessly caring about each student, to nurturing the skills of critical thinking, self-management and curiosity, and to holding them to the highest standard so each could reach their greatest potential. Stacey was inspiring in the classroom and I have no doubt she would be an invaluable school board member. 

Erin Sanchez

As chair of the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council, I had the pleasure of working with Stacey for over 4 years. She is dedicated, tireless, wise, informed, eloquent and fair. She made herself available as advocate, supporter, leader, team member and advisor. She is team player willing to listen and collaborate. Her attention to detail and creative brain make her an excellent problem solver. She always seems to have a smile and a kind word, no matter who you are. as Jackson’s mother she has a keen and deep understanding of IDEA and the ADA. Florida is lucky to have her and we in Washington miss her leadership and inspiration.

Diana Zottman


Stacey is a committed community member who considers the facts, listens to all sides and makes decisions based on data rather than emotion.  With a wealth of knowledge regarding school issues, Stacey would better the school process for ALL, and we all know that ALL means ALL!!

Roz Bethmann

If you ask me how to describe Stacey Klim in one word, it would be dedicated.  Stacey is not only a professional educator but a tireless advocate for children with disabilities.  When you care for the least of us, you bring out the best in all of us.  Stacey’s extensive experience as an advocate for all children is the missing ingredient in the Indian River County School Board.   Why not make a change and vote for someone who knows first hand how to help our children be the best they can be?  Indian River County schools deserves to have a true advocate for our children. Vote Stacey, it is the best decision you will make this year! 

Dianne Dixon Brown, Nurse

I met Stacey while serving together on the Washington state Developmental Disabilities Council. Stacey does what she says she will do. Her curiosity frames great questions, clarifies issues and deepens discussion. She is eager to research to get to the source or root of an issue. She would be a valued addition to any leadership team but her passion for education makes her an ideal school board candidate! 

Ramona Fursteneau 

Do you want what is best for your children?  Stacey is the person to get it done!  She lives each and every day as an advocate for her son, Jackson.  She is a strong voice for all children and will make the right decisions to improve the education of all children in your district.  Voting for Stacey is a vote for your child's education.

Myia Hackett

I know Stacey as a parent advocate.  She is a strong and powerful force for students with special needs.  I as a parent of a child with special needs am grateful to have worked with her to advocate for these worthy students.  She is knowledgeable about IDEA supports and how they can can make students’ school experiences better.  She will make a difference for students and parents as a school board member.  I endorse her whole heartedly as a parent of a special needs student and a student who thrives no matter what and also as a teacher.  She can do this!  We all need to work together to make education work.  Stacey is it! 

Heidi Harding 

Parent and teacher