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Thank you to each and every one of the 10,316 residents of Indian River County who came out to vote for me in the primary!  I'm honored and grateful to have your vote.  There's a lot of work to do until November 6th. so if you want to volunteer for the campaign, send an email to  Thank you again for your support!


Thank you for visiting my website.  If this is your first time here please take a look at my resume, the page dedicated to teachers, my ideas on how to recruit and retain teachers, and comments on the tentative budget proposed by the school district on July 31st.  Just click on the "more" button at the top of the page to access those pages.  

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Stacey Klim is dedicated to making the Indian River County School district a better place for students, teachers and parents. Help elect her on August 28th 2018 by clicking "Get Involved" above or by making  a donation via the button below.

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As a former teacher I understand how our schools work, the difficult job our teachers face, and the joy of working with children.  Being a teacher is not an easy job and neither is being a student.  We must support not only our teachers, but our students and families too so that we can be successful as a community.


Being a mom to Sylvia (13) and Jackson (9) is the hardest and most magnificent thing I will probably ever do.  Like any parent, I am proud of my children and am honored to be their mom.  My kids attend schools in IRCSD and we are proud of their accomplishments.


When you have a child with special needs, advocacy is taken to a different level.  My advocacy for Jackson has not only given me the chance to serve in numerous local advocacy groups, but has led me to state Capitols and even the steps of our U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.